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Book Review: Sea Prayer

"And I say to you, "Hold my hand. Nothing bad will happen." - Sea Prayer, Khaled Hosseini

Khaled Hosseini, famous for his debut novel "The Kite Runner," was inspired to write "Sea Prayer" after he saw the 2015 picture of Alan Kurdi, a young refugee boy who did not survive the dangerous journey from Syria to Europe. Unfortunately, Alan Kurdi and so many others fleeing violence have shared the same fate. In news stories, refugees who have died crossing the sea are often reduced to a number. This is why Melodie and I think it's so important to share stories and books like "Sea Prayer" because it reminds the world that these are people. People with families, hopes, and feelings, just like those of us who are fortunate to not live in countries torn apart by war.

"Sea Prayer" is a must read for everyone. It is so short, yet so powerful. The narrator, a father in Syria, describes the beauty of their home, Homs, to his son and also urges him to not be afraid as they flee.The father knew the unpredictability of escaping by sea and feared the journey too, yet he was strong for his son.

Hosseini captures the horrible decision many families in conflict zones must face--stay and risk death in your homeland or take a risky and treacherous journey to a new country.

Melodie and I recommend that you buy this book, not only because it is a beautifully written and illustrated book with a powerful message, but because Khaled Hosseini is donating proceeds from the book to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. You can purchase "Sea Prayer" from Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore.

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