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Book review: her right foot

“After all, the Statue of Liberty is an immigrant, too.” -Her Right Foot, Dave Eggers

A Junior Library Guild selection; Animation by Shawn Harris; chronicle books Published on Aug 4, 2017

Dave Eggers, known for his international best seller The Circle, was inspired to write Her Right Foot after catching a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty’s feet and noticing her forward motion towards the sea. With this new piece of information on his mind, he began to think about the reason behind America’s birth as a nation and the values she was founded on.

This non-fiction work written for children provides an engaging historical overview on the creation of the Statue of Liberty. Eggers includes fascinating details about the origins of America’s masterpiece and the process of assembling the statue that has become the symbol of a nation. Her Right Foot shines a spotlight on the original heart of America and the power of embracing those who are escaping adversity and seeking a place to call home. With the current heated debate on immigration policy, this book reminds us that freedom and acceptance are at America’s core. Immigration flows through her veins and refuge is a part of her DNA.

Katie and I are a fan of Dave Eggers’ work because he uses his platform to advocate for not only the individuals whose stories he writes about, but also for countless others who may not have a voice. One of his projects, Voice of Witness, consists of an oral history series that focuses on human rights crises. Katie and I recently heard Dave Eggers speak and his passion for people was evident and so inspiring.

We highly recommend this book and believe that it will be a great addition to any classroom or child’s library. It is a powerful message for our younger generation to take hold of and adopt as a resolve to be carried out as they rise up to be our future world leaders.

For more information on Dave Eggers and his other written works, you can visit his website at www.daveeggers.net. Additionally, if you have read Her Right Foot we would love to hear your thoughts and connections to the book. Contact us via the contact box on our website or at proseforpeace@gmail.com.

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