“No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.” 

-Warsan Shire, "Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth"



Prose for Peace began in December 2018 as an idea that combined our two passions, a love for people from around the world and a love of literature. We feel that, in a time when immigrants and refugees are often feared, misunderstood, and misrepresented, there is a need for a platform that makes people the goal, with no hidden agenda. We believe that taking time to understand and listen to people from a country different than our own dispels fear and allows us to see people as individuals like ourselves, and not defined by labels/stereotypes of today's society.



Our goal is to give a voice to immigrants, refugees, or internally displaced people (IDPs) who desire to share their story or life experiences and may not have the resources to share or publish their own works. This includes nonfiction, fiction, short stories, and poetry.

Note: While we will primarily feature work by immigrants, refugees, and IDPs, we will also do book reviews of work by other authors who have written on the subject. We believe that primary sources are the best, but that authors who also share stories of refugees, immigrants, and IDPs are excellent supplemental material. 


Prose for Peace aims to provide a safe place for both those who want to share a story and those who want to learn more. One of the ways we are hoping to do this, is through a book club that will feature both adult, young adult, and children's books by immigrants, refugees, and IDPs. For more information, click here.


Our site will feature diverse literature by people affected by conflict, economic challenges, persecution, and natural disasters. These features will come in the form of book reviews, author interviews, and blog posts by those who have gone through these experiences. Our hope is that we will see a reflection of our own lives across cultures and borders.

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