In the Spotlight:

    Our organization in the spotlight is called the Preemptive Love Coalition. Preemptive Love serves in Iraq, Syria, Israel and Palestine, Korea, Libya, and Mexico. They are oftentimes one of the first organizations on the ground during humanitarian crises. They are quick to meet the needs of food, shelter, and medical attention to the people they encounter. Also, Preemptive Love creates many jobs for displaced families, in addition to building relationships through education and a community of friendships. 

    Currently, they are assisting thousands of Kurds who are leaving their homes in Northern Syria due to Turkish military operatives. For more information on how you can support and stay in tune with what's happening on the ground, please visit their website (link below). 

    We encourage you to visit Preemptive Love's online store as well, where you can find a collection of items made by families who are currently living as refugees. 

February 2019

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